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When one tugs at a single thing in nature he finds it attached to the rest of the world." John Muir
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Passion Fruit PIe
Here is a remarkable refrigerator Passion Fruit Cream Pie recipe - don't substitute ingredients and it will be as great as you expect it!

1. 14 oz can of Eagle brand condensed sweetened milk
2. 8 oz tub of EXTRA CREAMY cool whip
3. 1/2 cup of lime juice or a half cup of fresh limes squeezed (6-7 limes)

4. 9 inch graham Cracker crust - do not bake in oven 
5. 1/3 cup seedless passion fruit juice

A . Mix the 8 oz Extra Creamy Cool Whip with the 14 oz of Sweetened condensed milk using an electric mixer.

B. Add the lime juice and mix with electric mixer.  This will stiffen the mix considerably.

C. Add the 1/3 cup passion fruit and mix in with electric mixer; spoon into pie shell and refrigerate at least 6 hours to overnight. The longer the better.
Seeds can be removed quite easily by pushing the pulp through a colander or using a blender on low and pulsing it for half seconds at a time.  

Volume Processing 
Passion Fruit

Oster Milkshake Blade. 
Pulse the machine for half-seconds at a time on the lowest speed and seeds will begin to fall to the bottom of the container.    We do not know if this blade fits all  mixers.
White Dove Farm
A  Healthy  Choice
Passion  Fruit
Our Proprietary Method of Pretreatment, Harvesting, Quality Control, and Methods of quenching fruit while on the vine keeps fruit fresher and healthier - longer and more than ever before.  And we are continuing to research innovations to bring safe, healthy fruit to your home. 
One Fruit contains: 

229 IU  - vitamin A, 
63 mg - potassium, 
5 mg  - magnesium, 
5.4 mg  - vitamin C, 
2 mg - calcium, 
0.29 mg  -  iron, 
1.9 g  - fiber

Yes they do and Nope we don't,: We do not use fertilizers - none whatsoever on our 11 acres. Not even organic NPK's which are detrimental to aquifers, creeks, rivers and ocean, as nitrogen and phosphorus in the ocean is still nitrogen and phosphorus to ocean creatures, even if it's labelled, "organic".   Whatever ground water comes from the aquifer via our well, seeps back down into the earth unadulterated by White Dove and back into the groundwater system. With a river about two miles away, and the farm in elevation above it, it's important we pay attention to this one.

So how do you maintain healthy trees and vines?  Everybody uses fertilizers."

  Endomycorhizzals. Period. Every healthy, natural forest in the world relies on "endos" to transfer nutrients to tree roots for the tree's uptake. It's often called, "The Underground Forest". You don't see anyone using fertilizers on the Amazon Rainforests, do you! 
     A constant use of NPK's kills or considerably weakens these underground energy transport systems and they will die.  That's why so much NPK is used and so often by farms - the transfer system has become faulty or dies - FROM USING and overusing  NPK's.
     Our soil  - as most around here - is  silty and clayey - which means it has a lot of micro-material for a tree's use (vs. sandy soils) as long as one does not damage back this Underground Forest.  The "orchards" above and below ground, can do their own work - just as in a natural forest. 

    When we purchased the property in1998, the first "to do"  was to replace these dead microbes: we grew the microbiota in large, oxygenated vats; fed them yeast and sugars which they LOVED; they made babies; then their baby's babies made happy babies, heartily, as they replicated by the billions upon billions. Then we pumped thousands of gallons -  basically flooded our acreage - with trillions of endos. 

  And Bingo! the orchard, killed back by fertilizer abuse revived in six months, and growth was almost too much to keep up with (prune back). In fact, the growth rate of new limbs went from the normal 7 feet per year to 12 feet per year

   Ever since then, no organic fertilizers or synthetic fertilizers. Nada. Nothing negative into the environment for over 20 years. Happy trees. Happy roots, Happy Underground Forest, happy, happy, happy groundwater and our happy, happy nearby river and Pacific Ocean.

Other issues we addressed:
  Nearly zero motorized   - of any kind, for 2019: 16 hours total out of 365 days. 2020 looks about the same. And only because the State required mandatory spraying for a statewide lemon pest. Around us, the farms use ATV's, Trucks, and helicopters. Know what's funny?  Since Covid, they can't find help, can't get vehicles fixed, and they are doing it all by hand - walking it out!  Except for the helicopters. 

Our orchard cleans enough COfrom the air to support at least 13 families of 4, with a normal lifestyle. We can say this as we do not used motorized vehicles that offsets  gains. 

We use low-impact fencing or natural fencing (cactus) whenever possible.

White Dove has saved the community millions of gallons of groundwater over 22 years by watering when needed instead of on a "schedule".  

We have near zero runoff of irrigation or rain water to the  ocean as we are over 90% bermed - long before mandated by the State.  The other 10% is upslope from runoff.

On the overuse of, "Sustainable". Do we even know what it means?   

Let's just say with respect to our farm,  University students, educators and professionals have used or visited our property to do agricultural-related work because White Dove is as close to grown naturally as it can get. We just add groundwater. 

Some have visited from as far away as the Mediterranean - 
   They didn't come here to visit just us - but we  were suggested to her and other by Ag professionals in our area.    One distinguished visitor, a Phd. in her 50's from Israel, turned over a leaf on the property,  recognized a bug eating a pest bug (which apparently they had back in their country), she looked up and exclaimed, "We can use this one in my country - on our grapes!
  Eureka. Another small step.

So unless harvesting from a natural jungle   where water is not pumped into it for food, nothing is truly "sustainable".  The term should be dropped as it is misleading.  We tried to use, "Beyond Organics"  and the STATE Organics people indicated we were not allowed to write that. I don't know where they found that particular law, but we went back to, "sustainable".  We grow net positive - unlike organic farming:   with organic farming you have to mine fertilizers, haul them, package them, and transport them;  then inject or distribute the organic materials using motorized farm equipment and sometime hire people who own the equipment to drive there to do it - repeatedly.  Organics are or certainly may not, "sustainable" just because they are labelled, "organically grown".   I don't hold any grudge against organically grown as it's a step in the right direction.  Let's just be realistic and informed, as below will inform.

Condensed  from: 

  "The North America Organic Fertilizer Market was valued at USD 952.7 million in 2019 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.3% over the forecast period (2020-2025)"

"......there is heavy dependence on imports and the imported nutrients are already becoming a vital part of organic farming practices."

And if they or any fertilizer are imported via ships:

Oceanic Shipping (which includes Organic Fertilizers)


“It has been estimated that just one of these container ships, the length of around six football pitches, can produce the same amount of pollution as 50 million cars. The emissions from just 15 of these mega-ships match those from all the cars in the world. And if the shipping industry were a country, it would be ranked between Germany and Japan as the sixth-largest contributor to CO2 emissions.”

So if you see "Organically Grown Passion Fruit"  remember we DO Not USE fertilizers: no fertilizers coming off a boat or truck whatsoever; and; we are operating in the positive column with our shared environment.

 Thanks for reading this! And Thank You for considering us for Fredricks Purple Passion Fruit!

How Does White Dove Help The Environment? John! All Farms Use Fertilizers - Even Organic Farms!  And fertilizers pollute oceans and rivers! Help on this one!

Man working out with barbells
Woman working out with barbells
.Who Buys Passion Fruit from White Dove - for our competition!
these are some of the best places to ive in North Carolina and have some of the greatest passion fruit customers.  They  have been buying passion fruit from us for over a decade" seven families  in Wilmington, two passon fruit customers in in Woodfin, there's the homesteaders Patsy and Jill in 
Pineville and Asheville and Elon each have more than ten of our customers, on and off, over the years..  We have sent plenty of fruit to folks in Carrboro who buy our purple passion fruit along with more than we can count in Hendersonville and Morehead City. Durham is right up there, too.  

If you are thinking of moving to North Carolina and buying our passion fruit looking for the most expensive homes we have some nice zip codes to explore and these are listed by not only where the most expensive homes are 
 they buy passion fruit in 28207 and 28277.  We also have passion fruit customers in 27608 and 28211.  Some our repeat customers who buy passion fruit are in 28173 and 28036 and these are relatively wealthy areas of North Carolina .  From our own record keeping and we are willing to share this with our competition, much of our north carolina passion fruit business comes from 27614, 28480, and they by our passion fruit from 27519 and buy it from 28226

Top States Buying Passion Fruit 2020
 (by volume)
Illinois - Chicago
California - all over
Washington - King County
Oregon - all over
New York  New Jersey  
North Carolina - all over

Passion Fruit presentation dessert of ice cream passion fruit and chocolate chips
Chocolate chips and passion fruit on vanilla ice cream
Vanilla Ice Cream with Passion Fruit and Chocolate Chips

Customer Photos, November 2020  -  

  A boyhood memory of Mr. Meyer who took these photos, was raised in South Africa and also spent part of his life in Australia.   
   We don't "use" testimonials but this was a very nice one - especially during these times of CV.
    Permission to publish photo and emails by N. Meyer, daughter.

Hi John, Patti, 
     Thanks for making my dad's birthday so special!!  All the candy and packaging and kind note were really sweet, especially since I couldn't see him for his birthday (his 60th, a big one!). He immediately made his favorite treat from when he was a boy in South Africa---passionfruit over vanilla ice cream. Photos attached!   - N. Meyer

In another...  
"While living in Australia we had a passionfruit vine in our backyard ......and often made Trifle -layers of cubed yellow cake, whipped cream, mango, and passionfruit curd." 
- N. Meyer
Colorado - Denver area
Utah - all over
Georgia - all over
Tennessee - all over
Florida - all over
North and South Carolina

  We are now taking orders for the August 31st 2021 flush.  

The early part of the the flush sells out as it as the most aromatic fruit.

Would  you like to be notified when Passion Fruit is in season?

Estimated Second Flush volume 

1.When is Passion Fruit season?

   A normal season has two flushes.  Flush 1 is approx.  August 31- Nov 31, then the winter, smaller flush of February-ish to April, depending on the weather.  Smaller in number, but not size.  A passion fruit vine needs sun hours and in winter, the sun is low in the sky and obviously there are fewer hours of exposure.  Bees have a hard time getting up and working in winter - and the temperature has to be at least 61 degrees outside before they march out and start their work day.  Even though Passion fruit is "self-pollinating"  it's a sticky mess inside the flower so bees need to be on the vines to distribute the pollen for a  strong fruit set.

2. Why are Fredricks somewhat larger than those in stores or other varieties on the internet? The Myth uncovered.

    Truthfully, we only send the largest fruit and leave the smaller ones to Mother Nature.  It's that simple outside of the fact that  all commercial varieties ARE smaller than the Fredricks.  The real test is how much edible fruit resides within each fruit and experiencing enjoyment of it.  Fullness can vary so each fruit has to be looked at more than once before considering it.
     The largest fruit that we have seen in markets even close to the Fredricks come from New Zealand.  Unfortunately, the are shipped across the pond which takes 20 days  - then, onto trucks, then other trucks to get to retail settings.  
     In early November, while  we were out shopping for groceries, I picked up two nice-looking passion fruit (labeled "New Zealand") to see how much they hefted;one of the fruit was completely hollow. This would ruin one for Passion Fruit  - at almost 4 dollars each.  Others you see - nice and shiny - coming out of Florida - are "Possum" varieties, are from the wilds of Central America. Fruit that have that high shine and that overly wrinkled have been artificially *shellacked to make them more appealing.  Food shellack comes from insects - the Lac bug. Another environmental nick.

Purple Possum Passion Fruit 
From the internet - note that  it never says  it's good when eating "out-of -hand " although I am sure whoever sells it will say it is "the best there is!".   
   ".....The pulp is used extensively in fruit juice drinks like Hawaiian Punch, and it is often used in baked desserts as well. The Possum Purple fruit typically get to be about the size of a goose egg. Self pollinating. The fruit mix well in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and are also great in salads."  From:

Not a great overview review  from an unbiased, unpaid source.

To me, it sounds just like the yellow variety which most know is only  for juicing and almost never eaten directly as "enjoyable". But everyones should try "possum" if not just to satisfy a curiosity.  

A Selling point
 - We send the largest of the best available even though we have  sizes all the way down to tiny.   Fredricks was specifically developed (hybridized)  to combine size, weight, flavor and aroma by Patrick Morley decades ago and has been the preferred since I can remember. The other varieties you see on the internet are either wild species brought to the market for their ability to survive shipping or a local root pest like Fusarilum and have nothing to do with flavor, etc.  Commonly you will see, "Edulis" sold which means they don't know what variety they are selling.  So it could be anything. Some aren't half bad, either.

3. Enjoyed the consist quality of your fruit - do you supply stores near me?  
  We sell to residential customers only and one Gift Basket/Fruit Company - Fruit Guys at We highly recommend them if you are looking for variations in a fruit box. 

4. Sometime I get small round ones with thicker skins when I order on the internet - what variety are those?
  Could be Possum, Nancy Garrison or Black Knight. Possum is a variety from South America.  
  If you have experienced some of these other fruits, please let us know your thoughts and we will post them for all to read. As even though I have picked probably over 200,000 Fredricks passion furit and having to taste for quality control, I still believe this is the best quality buy and if I didn't we would be selling a different variety as vines do need replacing - and we continually replace with Fredricks.

5. Are all passion fruit the same? I want to buy a plant. 
  No they are not. Some grow much larger than others and need sun and space.  Fredricks was hybridized by Patrick Worley way back when (from two varieties, "Kahuna "and "Edulis") for their particular properties as stated above and very aggressive in its growth rate. If you are going to buy a passion fruit plant, have room for them. 
  Smaller varieties such as Nancy Garrison and Black Knight are good for small yards. They yield fewer, smaller fruit but are manageable and tasty. And you would need to be located in a frost free area if growing outside. If you pot either of these and make them a trellised patio plant, you can bring them inside during cold weather. If interested in purchasing vines, try "One Green World" in Oregon . They have wonderful plants you will never see at your local nursery.
  We are currently in the beginning stages of attempting to improve on Fredricks by hybridizing/cross-pollinating it with two other varieties know for size. That will take awhile.
Hey John and Patti, 
I just wanted to thank you so much for the passion fruit! They’re the best ones I’ve had to date (Including ones I’ve tried in Central America). I will definitely be ordering again in the future. 
I had a terrible experience with A______ where I tried to order passion fruit and the fruit were moldy.
Hope you have a great holiday and stay safe. 

From: Rhode Island

7. How to I prepare Passion fruit for storage? 
   Wash well, dry and spritzer with a vegetable wash, dry again and leave out on the countertop to completely dry.

8. Can I freeze the whole fruit or just the pulp?
  You can freeze both ways - but I am not going to say "safely" as no one knows what your particular fruit has been through and how well it was prepared for storage.  Also, just because its in the 'frige or freezer does not mean any bad bugs aren't growing.  

   I have used our seedless frozen Fredricks pulp at year-old for our  refrigerator pie - it was fine.  

9. How long will it keep in the 'frig whole?
  I would go no longer than 30 days, but before I put it in the crisper - I would drench it with produce cleaner as even in a refrigerator it will draw mold. What you have to be careful about is putting it with other foods:  passion fruit will ripen by off gassing ethylene which will ripen other fruit. So leave it on the counter as long as possible before you store it in the fridge. You can tell when it stops off-gassing if you put it in a plastic baggie and it doesn't inflate the bag a bit (get all the air out first).

10. How can I tell they're ripe? 
 Passion fruit can be ripe tasting even greenish as long as it has some purple on the skin. I would not recommend leaving them out to fully ripen to darker purple if you receive a green one as they are almost there to begin with - but they must have some purple on them.They will probably not ripen in the 'f'rig, so leave them on the counter. 

11. Are the wrinkly ones in my store any good?
 They can still be good but you have to check for these two important attribute - when you give it a shake, does it rattle inside (not good). How heavy is it given its size?  One  can tell they have not been naturally ripened  on the vine or in the sun as they have no preferred wrinkle side that faced the happy sunshine.  As I may have mentioned elsewhere, shiny and even-wrinkled means they have been shellacked for appearances. and  perhaps the ripening process suspended in an artificial atmosphere such as nitrogen and CO2.  Just another eco-cost to add to the heap.

12. Can one eat the seeds?  
  Seeds are often included in a salad;  there are no mentions  of an allergen.  Some people simply don't care for the seeds.  

 From one source on seeds:  "They contain.... sodium (2.980 +/- 0.002 mg/g), magnesium (1.540 +/- 0.001 mg/g), potassium (0.850 +/- 0.001 mg/g), and calcium (0.540 +/- 0.002 mg/g). The passion fruit seeds contain the 17 amino acids that are found naturally in plant protein......"

On  Passion Fruit Seed Oil extract from seeds, topical use.
   "Passion fruit oil is full of nutrients that are good for skin. Among these are vitamins A and C, essential fatty acids, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and carotenoids. ... Anti-aging: Because of the high vitamin C and antioxidant content, passion fruit oil helps keep skin looking firm"

13. Why does your fruit last longer once I receive it - compared to store bought fruit?

There is no mystery.
  Store-bought passion fruit are often imports from New Zealand,  Jakarta, Vietnam,  or from large growers in the USA. We are sure they ship responsibly - but then its up to the grocery store to handle the shelf time issues.  
   Some passion fruit are picked too early and travel by container ships - a trip of  20 days just to reach the Eastern Seaboard. Then there's offload  onload/ trucking/offload and to on the shelf.  They are far from fresh.

14. What About The BIGGIES INTERNET Fruit suppliers?
 Brokers buy imports to stay in business year-round. This sometimes means they buy imports from other countries that take the slow boat here. Often times, because our new customers tell us, the fruit is far from what their seller's beautiful photos imply. 

Buying the Difference
   White Dove's fruit is truly farm-fresh, aromatic and plump just from staying on the vine as long as possible - which also gives them sunshine for the final brush strokes. Sun-kissed passion fruit is actually the best money can buy and by "sun-kissed" is meant there is some indication on the purple skin that it received  intense heat somewhere on its surface for at least a short period of time.  I have not read that but experienced it.

  We hope everyone might have the true passion fruit experience through our White Dove Farm Fredricks variety, and we look forward to hearing from you.  Have a great 2021 and stay safe.

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Creating Safe, Healthy Passion Fruit For USA Customers Since 2005
Passion Fruit Origins and  Amazon Forests 

"The purple passionfruit is native from southern Brazil through Paraguay to northern Argentina.  

"The Amazon Rainforest, the largest rainforest in the world, produces approximately 20 percent of the world's oxygen."

Hawaiian -Lilikoi, illikoi
Chinese Bǎixiāng guǒ
vietnamese -chanh dây
korean - yeoljeong gwail
Filipino - Kurumbut Tambubul, Pasyenaryang Parang, Masaflora
Mexican - la parcha, la curuba
Swahili - matunda ya shauku
Hindi - joonoon ka phal
Bengali - Ābēga phala
Arabic - fakihat aleatifa

Another Source
American English: passion fruit
Arabic: فاكهة العشق
Brazilian Portuguese: maracujá
Chinese: 西番莲果
Croatian: gospodinova krunica
Czech: mučenka tropické ovoce
Danish: passionsfrugt
Dutch: passievrucht
European Spanish: maracuyá
Finnish: passiohedelmä
French: fruit de la passion
German: Passionsfrucht
Greek: froúto tou páthous
Italian: frutto della passione
Japanese: Passhonfurūtsu

Norwegian: pasjonsfrukt
Polish: owoc męczennicy
European Portuguese: maracujá
Romanian: fructul pasiunii
Russian: маракуйя
Spanish: maracuyá
Swedish: passionsfrukt
Thai: S̄eāwrs̄
Turkish: çarkıfelek meyvası
Ukrainian: маракуйя
Vietnamese: quả chanh leo  
South America - Granadilla
Vietnamese: quả chanh leo 

Amazon Rainforest stream home of passion fruit
Woman in Amazon rainforest doing standing  yoga
Amazon Indian Canoe traveiling upriver
View of the Amazon River
Amazon Rainforest tree heavily twisted surrounded by ferns and forest detritus
Farm in the Amazon Delta
Amazon river waterfall
The Amazon Forest alone removes 25 percent of Earth's Carbon Dioxide  
*According to the Shellac Export Promotion Council, 25 percent of shellac consists of 'insect debris'. Millions of lac bugs are systematically killed, just to make a bit of glazing agent. This is especially unfortunate as there are also plant-based glazing agents, but these are not used much.
Our Recipe
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  "To harvest the largest fruit of the highest quality available in the USA; and, ship it in a timely manner so it arrives with the original flavors and value intact."  
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Passion Fruit Recipes 
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Passion Fruit cupcake
drone photo of White dove Farm Locaton
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Video on passion fruit preparation
Planting a pine tree for orders of passion fruit
One Order plants one pine tree in our USA rainforests.
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