White Dove Farm

Original Old Lemon Orchard (background) trellised to accommodate Passion Fruit vines.  Year 1
Two plus years later, with the hass avocado trees (shorter green) planted between Passion Fruit vines on lemon tree trellis.  Yes, the large, rowed green masses are passion fruit vines on lemon trees.
Year 5.  Passion Fruit Vines on right now smaller than avocado trees on left.
Year 7-8.  Avocado trees now outgrowing passon fruit vines (light green, background).
Vines, although still growing, have overwhelmed some old lemon trees, robbing them of sunlight, and the tree falls slowly over and returns to nature. Mushrooms sprout from the lemon roots. Year 8-9
Continued planting of Passion fruit on another section of avocados within the trellised lemon trees (carried for 10 years and trimmed yearly). New Vine is forward and to the left a bit of lemon tree trunk in the shadow.  2012-2013
We have created ten thousand pounds of passion fruit, alone, per year in this way, while using no more water than an avocado tree would require - while we were also growing in our avocado acreage (3.5). No Chemicals, no pesticides. Just water, Sun and Mother Nature.

White Dove Farm
John Koman
About White Dove Farm

The original farm was purchased from the Spanish Missions with 1200 pieces of silver.  

Fast forward to today, 11.68 acres a member of two packing houses, one for lemons and the other for Hass Avocados (Calavo Avocados and Piru Citurs for lemons).

When we purchased the property in 1997, both the lemons and avocado orchards were on the outs due to age and disease and the following years were spend in repairing the land an bringing it back to a healthy rainforest type environment.   

We did this through massive injections / flooding of land with healthy biota that normally grows in soils, biota which had been stripped away by a constant barrage of ph issues and chemicasl to force production, and at the same time we ceased all chemical treatments and fertilizations schemes normally used to created maximum harvests.
   Since establishing this regime of  plant compatible stuff and let nature take its course, our production of avocados has not only met the maximum criteria with respect to our surrounding farms, it has surpassed them enough to raise an eyebrow or two.

Our Production Success
Our Avocado production three years ago was 54 thousand pounds. Today, 2013,   72 thousand pounds, same acreage,  no chemistry to help it. That's real environmental progress in farming.  Our lemons have not used a drop of water for I-cannot-remember-for-how-long as we discovered that relying on just the groundwater would give us an adequate return-yes we lose a little money  but we saved the global community electrical environmental damages when we do not have to turn on our well - which is electric: something has to fire up the boilers which turn the generators which create the electricity that lights the house that Jack Built.

Our Passon Fruit  
  We really struck environmental gold when we first saw, from a distance, an old lemon tree,  half dead, which apparently had revived itself completely and was producing a ton of green fruit (I wish I had taken a picture of it). But on closer inspection, we discovered that it was a plant-and-forget passion fruit vine. It had used the old lemon for a trellis, just like in a forests, and was happy being a vine on a dying lemon tree.

And that, and that alone, sparked the idea which brought us to the forefront of the passion fruit industry. That one naturally growing passion fruit vine.

In 2015 all the vines and lemon trees were removed as the avocado orchard had reached a size where not enough sun was reaching the lemon trees with their vines.  We would highly recommend this entire scenario for any old lemon orchard which had to be replaced.  We are currently transitioning to a trellis arrangement which is already indicating that the old growth way was far superior.