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100-110 Fruit 

45-50 Fruit
60-70 Fruit
Endangered Species Chocolate  
Included In orders of 60 and 100 (along with the regular unexpected items!). They have donated over a million dollars to their partners (3 year period).
​We continue to reseach better, cleaner methods to bring Healthiness to your home and our nation's farms.
For the 2020-21 season, 3 customers will receive one of the following: 

$60, $60, or a $100 gift via Gift Card. It will be a blind selection. 
Ends MAY 2021
This little buck hung around for quite awhile and even left one of his anters next to the house to thank us! They use the cactus fencing to evade predators.
Fruit is heavy and looking great for this next flush
We grow our own mulch between the passion fruit  - then cut  and distribute. this also helps maintain healthy soils in general.
White Dove Farm
And a big 
for visiting White Dove Farm!
Also Registered Professional Growers  for Calavo Avocados and Piru Citrus Eureka Lemons
Alaska order here, and all other states