White Dove Farm

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Location-Ventura County, Bordering the Pacific Ocean

Since 1997 we have:

99.99 percent Water and Soil Containment  - Bermed Property
We are 15 miles from the Pacific and 2 feet from a major culvert which flows into the Santa Clara River. Nearly 100 percent containment - even during storm conditions.
  Results – no sediments off farm into the ecosystem. The corals would love us.

Reduced Aquifer Usage  – 30 percent and relied on shallow natural ground water.
A 30 percent reduction in electrical, which reduces strain on infrastructure.  It also lowers our costs.

100 percent “natural? – created with cactus. Creates habitat, a recycling of subsurface nutrients, and affords protection and fruit for animals and bird life.  

Use no Fertilizers Whatsoever
1.We use absolutely Zero fertilizers. The environs is maintained by plant balance, sun power and well water alone.

(Prior to purchasing,  the farm used hundreds and hundreds of gallons of concentrated potassium mixtures and high concentrations of nitrogen (salts and micronutrients) on a yearly basis over the shallow aquifer.

We followed the Amazon Jungle. In the Amazon, here is more water flowing below ground, along the river course, than in the river itself - which is the same here.  There's more water below us that above, and like all healthy environs, the Amazon has an underground jungle which is basically an interconnected web of fungi “feeding? the above ground forest with extreme efficiency. High concentrations of man-made nutrients kills these critters by either lowering or increasing the soil ph dramatically. That's just one reason orchards die before their time.  
   White Dove grew these particular fungi (Mycorrhiza) in large vats then injected the soil with thousands of gallons of over twelve cultures. Results we immediate – from  nearly dead trees to maximum growth  6-12 feet per year - to this day.

All of the above research and development has proven itself.  Our farm went from a soil-exhausted regime to a healthy and natural environment which now exceeds the average and the average maximum food production per acre for the area. Naturally. No chemistry, more production, same amount of water - sustainable and beyond.

Pass this one, please. Its important to the future of the planet. Tweet and recommend us on your Facebook page and other social media. It’s important.  It's critical.  It's world critical.  And today, we are more than just a county or a city, we are joined by a newer world conscious.  We are just a few tweets away from making one more step in the right direction. It won't be huge but it will help.

​Thank you so much for reading this.  Enjoy this amazing earth. It is truly amazing.

John Koman - Geologist /Farmer
White Dove Farm
Santa Paula. CA